For Our Boys

Saturday, July 21, 2018

June Part 2

The second part of June was just as busy as the first!

Science Museum!

Freddie did "Sports of All Sorts" which is a sports sampler (different sport each week)

The last week of June was "Rosefest" which is Roseville's annual festival with a week of events

Steve and I went to Taste of Rosefest which we got to every year!

Henry and Steve did Run for the Roses (1/2 mile Family Fun Run)

Crossing the finish line!

I brought the boys to Touch a Truck
(where they got to control a garbage truck!)

It was hot so we NEEDED to get some Popsicles!

And the last event was the Rose Parade! Every time a marching band came by Freddie ran up this hill and covered his ears! He REALLY does not like loud noises!

Racing home from the parade (it's so close we can walk!)

Car wash!

Freddie had a play date with his "Best Friend" Brian from PreK
(This is the only picture I could get - they were having so much fun they wouldn't hold still!)

My grandpa "Gramps" was in a rehab center after a small stroke and pneumonia. We surprised him with all his (local) great grandkids!

The rehab center was about 45 minutes away - look at all 5 kids reading quietly

My sister and I planned to go strawberry picking in White Bear Lake but we found out the farm was closed on our way there! So we compromised with Tamarack Nature Center!

Henry is doing track twice a week. I tried to get pictures but it's hard to see him so I tried to draw blue arrows to him

Shot put like his dad!

And maybe the most exciting part of our month.... The cast came off!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

June Part 1 (Last day of Kindergarten and a broken arm)

We've been so busy this summer that I need to break June into two parts!

The boys and I have been asking for a playhouse for the backyard since last summer. Steve kept saying we didn't need it... then one day Steve and Freddie made a trip to the store and came back with this!!!

It took a whole day to put together!

But he put it way up on the third level so now it's their secret hideout :)

Henry had his first drop off playdate and I was more nervous than he was! It was at his friend Nico's house (it was so cute; Nico wrote him an invitation to come over and sent it home in his backpack!) I had never met his parents so I was nervous but we got there and hung out for a little bit and I instantly felt comfortable and Henry had a fabulous time! (Come to find out his mom is a 1st grade teacher! So I figured he could handle one extra kid)

Freddie also had a play date, of sorts. He was invited to Felix's (who lives at the end of our street) 5th birthday party at Lookout Ridge indoor playground and he had a great time! It was nice for him to have friends just himself instead of always sharing with Henry

Felix and Freddie have decided they are "buddies" not friends or even best friends... "buddies"

We started out annual alphabetical tour of Roseville Parks, starting with Acorn Park
(we have not been doing well on this - we have only done 8 of the 34 parks!)

Park #2

Batman underwear, batman hat, and 1 sock... why not

Last Day Of Kindergarten!!

What a difference a year makes - the beginning of the year I stood with him and walked him to the bus, by the end I sat in the house or on the front step working

My mom always made us a cake in the shape of a school bus on the last day of school so I attempted to do the same... my wasn't as good as hers but he got the point :)

Brody (one of his best buds) am over for a playdate

Henry wanted to do tennis again this year and is still enjoying

Freddie was finally old enough for Lego Camp!! He was very excited and really enjoyed it!

Freddie's friends Max and Emmet were also in the camp so we explored the nature center together after camp one day

Como Park/Zoo/Amusement Park/Playground

On Wednesday June 8th Henry and Freddie were jumping on the trampoline but they did not zip the net shut and Henry bounced right out! He landed on his right hand/wrist.

Thursday we brought him to the doctor who took X-rays and found a "severe buckle fracture" and put him in a brace and referred us to ortho

Friday we went the Orthopedic doctor who said we could leave him in the brace and keep him calm and still/careful for 4-6 weeks or we could put him in a cast and he could do anything (except jump on the trampoline!) so THAT was an easy decision :)

Saturday June 9th Henry had TWO birthday parties! Villas' party was in the morning at the Firefighter's Museum. (It was a drop off party so I don't have any pictures) In the afternoon Kesler's party was at the bowling alley. A lot of the other mom's from Henry's class were there so I hung out and we all had a fabulous time!

Kesler and Henry

All the moms were all standing around chatting when someone mentioned that there was a bar right behind us....

Henry won! With a cast!

Henry and Brody!
(Brody was SO helpful! He kept holding the ball for Henry and setting things up for him)

The boys have really been playing great together this summer! 
It is the best feeling to listen to them laugh together!