For Our Boys

Monday, October 9, 2017

Nebulizer, Carnival and "no-picking" Apple Picking

We started off our week with an early morning trip to the doctor. Henry had been going to the bathroom every 30-45 minutes and with his history of urinary issues I was nervous. Come to find out he was dehydrated! Seemed odd that he would pee more but I guess when you get dehydrated the lining of your bladder can get irritated and cause you to feel like you need to go! The doctor said it's actually somewhat common when kids start going to school because they don't think to drink water during the day!

So we are pushing fluids but when she did her exam she heard a lot of congestion in his lungs (we all had a cold but I didn't think much of it!) so she did a nebulizer treatment and gave him an inhaler... so we went in for his bladder and ended up treating his lungs!!

Steve and Henry bought me flowers! Then Freddie took a picture of them for me!

Friday there was a carnival at Henry's school. Henry had a BLAST but it was too crazy and loud for Steve and Freddie so they left after about 10 minutes :)  Henry and I stayed to the end!

Bounce house fun!

Steve thought Henry couldn't make it up this wall... Henry sure showed him!

He even crashed in to and knocked over the safety wall!

I realized this kid has NEVER held a hockey stick!! His uncles will be so disappointed!


Sunday I dragged the whole family to go apple picking. It was beautiful and therefore the orchard was crazy busy! We walked around for awhile, fighting the large crowds, looking for where to pick the apples, only to find out we were not at a Pick-Your-Own apple orchard!!!!! Needless to say we were all upset (for different reasons) But at least we got outside...

Freddie wanted his picture taken with every pumpkin he came across!

We left and went out to eat in the cute little downtown of White Bear Lake and then stopped by another apple orchard close to home (which we knew ahead of time wasn't Pick-Your-Own) to buy some fresh apples and run around the orchard and it turned out great!

Giant hill, perfect for rolling...

And it was nice and quiet! Not crazy like the other one!

Investigating the apple trees :)

Just a cute picture of Fred

They started singing "Singing in the rain" while waiting for the bus then it turned to ABC's. The best part is at the end when Freddie completely 180's from happy to mad...

Just typically silly Freddie...

Monday, October 2, 2017

September round-up

I walked in and found Henry taking one of his toys apart!! I yelled "What are you doing?" and he said "I think I can make it better, this gear here isn't turning fast enough so if I just moved it over here..."
Seriously! This kid!

Now that Henry is in school I get some special time with Freddie which I love!
We went to Como Zoo a few weeks ago and had a blast!

The giraffes are my favorite

Freddie loved the Polar Bear! He was swimming right next to the window!

Look at those paws!

I love his facial expression in each of these...

First he says "Then he just pushes himself back" then when he saw that I had my camera and automatically said "Cheese" :)
At the very end the way he says "Polar Bear!" is so sweet!

Our friend Annika had her 3rd birthday party at a park... WITH A PINATA! 
(and Henry was the one to break it open!)

We took the boat our at my parents for (likely) the last time this year. Typically Henry goes on the tube with his cousins but they weren't there so I got to!! It was a LOT of fun! It had been years since I went tubing! My dad was driving the boat and I asked Henry "does he always drive this crazy?" and Henry said "No! Never! If I'd known it would be like this I wouldn't have asked you to come! This is probably dangerous!" (Sweet that he was looking out for me!) So apparently my dad still loves the idea of making me fall off the tube :)

Freddie helping Pops :) He really was pushing it!

Freddie still won't get in the pool at swim lessons! I even took him to the pool Friday night to prepare him for Saturday morning lessons and he wouldn't get in with me either!

Steve's boss gave him her tickets to a Gopher Football game so we got to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon outside watching football :)

This is actually was a touchdown!

Every Sunday we clean the boys room really well because of Henry's dust allergy... they are such big helpers :)

Freddie was having a rough day earlier this week so he lost his privilege of having dessert. He and I sat in the care while Steve and Henry ran in to Byerly's to buy it and he was being kind of sweet but kind of a stinker...

He is describing the desserts then when he thinks he gets some I shook my head no and you can see his demeanor completely change :)

"Mommy? When I get home can I eat something healthy and then I can have a dessert?"

Monday, September 18, 2017

Allergy shots, Potty Training, and School

I have several things I wanted to document:

Allergy Shots: Henry started getting his allergy shots back in the end of July. The first one did NOT go well. He SCREAMED and had a total (embarrassing) meltdown just walking in to the room and I had to hold him down to get the first shot while he kicked and screamed! He gets two shots each time so we tried to convince him to get the second one but he wouldn't so I said maybe we could try again the next day. To my surprise he woke up the next morning, came running in my room and said "What time are we going back to get my other shot?!?!" So we went back and it still didn't go great but he did it. We were consistently going twice a week and it got to where he would run in to the room "excited" for his shot! So we will be continuing to that regularly for quite awhile.

Potty Training: I wrote awhile back that we started the three-day potty training and just put Fred in underwear... he did GREAT! He was completely "pee-trained" (as he called it) but we were struggling with getting "poop-trained" (again, his words) so we put him back in pull-ups so at least we wouldn't have to clean up his underwear all the time. Well on the day we met his PreK teacher he suddenly decided to no longer be pee-trained either. I think it's because we kept telling him he had to be potty-trained to go to PreK. So now for the past three weeks he has completely regressed. He will go in the potty occasionally (usually for Debbie, less often for me!) but only if someone tells him to! He was so good he would go without anyone even knowing! So we are struggling with that but will continue to work on it.

School: Both boys LOVE school! Henry says "every day is better than the last one! It just keeps getting more and more better" :) Last Wednesday I got a call from Freddie's teacher saying "He is on the bus, but he is hysterical" so I rushed home to be here when he got off the bus (Debbie was here but I wanted to be here too in case he was really upset) and he jumped off the bus with a HUGE smile on his face and now he says "I love the bus!" He road it again today without an issue!

I took this picture on the day of Henry's first allergy shot! We were surprised that we were on time so we took a picture of Henry pointing to the clock and sent it to Steve because Henry said "Daddy's never gonna believe that we were on time! We are ALWAYS late!"

Bonus: There is a cool park with a train on our way home from the allergy clinic

We do yoga every night before bed and the boys made up their own "chair" pose and then they sit on each other's "Chair" :)

Last weekend we started swim lessons at the U of M and so far we are really impressed! (well everyone except Freddie, he wouldn't get in the pool)

Last Saturday we had some new friends over: Kari and Mike and their kids Max and Emmett. It's a crazy story but Kari and I are both SLP for Fairview, we both went to the same undergrad and grad programs, we both have two boys, our birthdays are 3 days apart, and she lives 5 houses down and 1 block up from us!!! Extra bonus... she's awesome and our (both bald with degrees in education) husbands get along great!

Henry is in charge of making his own lunch... he needs help staying focused sometimes :)

We went to see my dad in a car show and Henry rode home in a 66 Mustang :)
(the same year Mustang I crashed when I was 16.... so I was pretty nervous!)

Last Tuesday was a bit of a big day for me. I presented to all the Fairview SLPs!! I talked about Augmentative Alternative Communication (aka other ways to communicate when your speech doesn't work anymore) I was pretty nervous but I think it went well

Henry and Pops out in the garage building another boat!

Probably the MOST exciting news this week is that I got a new vacuum!! We bought our old one 7 years ago and the hose was breaking and duct taped together but I loved it so didn't want to part with it. Then Steve went to use it yesterday and it wouldn't work at all! So we got this new very fancy one and I LOVE IT!!! Worth every penny!! It's cordless and lightweight but still gets all the dog hair!! 
(I'm so old and lame but I don't care!!)

Earlier today I volunteered at Henry's school. I hadn't seen this picture of us (taken the day we met Mrs Streit) hanging by his coat hook... I liked it so I took a picture of it :)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Freddie's 1st Day of PreK

As if my baby going to Kindergarten wasn't rough enough now my other baby is going to PreK!!

We enrolled Freddie in half day PreK two days a week. He was VERY excited and did great with one exception... the bus. 

We set it up so I would drop him off at school but he would take the bus home (so that on days that I'm at work Debbie could just be here to get him off the bus). I was super nervous about him taking the bus!! It's little Freddie on a real, full bus!! Of course it's only got PreK kids on it but still!! Being the crazy lady I am I went to the school in the afternoon to watch him get on the bus to make sure everything went okay. I watched him jump right on so I was relieved and ready to head home when I realized that the bus wasn't leaving! I waited and waited and then my phone rang. When the bus started it was so loud that it scared Freddie and he FREAKED OUT! So I just brought him home :( Hopefully the next time will go better (especially since I'll be at work and not spying on him from the parking lot!)

After I brought him to meet his teachers I said goodbye and then hid in the car, waiting until he went inside (yep, I'm CRAZY!) He is in the gray pants and blue/green backpack. The lady in the purple shirt is Ms Jean who has had Freddie and Henry in classes before so having her there really helped (both of us!)

My afternoon stalking session: Freddie jumping on the bus without question...
It's hard to tell but he is the first kid walking towards the bus... If I'm going to continue stalking people I need a better camera ;)

There is a show on TV called "The Goldberg's" and the mother in the show is so overwhelming they call her "smother" instead of "mother". So whenever I'm doing something crazy (like stalking a 3 year old from the back of my van on a Monday afternoon) we say I'm "Beverly Goldberg-ing"... this was one of those moments. But like Beverley, I was right! My baby needed me and I was there!

Post PreK Interview
(I had to break it in to two because it was too long)