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Monday, March 12, 2018

Ski trip to Colorado

Steve and I just got back from a trip to California, so I figured I should post about your trip last month to Colorado (I know, I'm spoiled!)

We went to Colorado with our good friends the McCutcheon's; Justin, Shannon, Elisa (5) and Lauren (2.5) in the beginning of February. We had a great time and ended up with only 1 trip to the ER (Lauren lost a fight with a nightstand) and one sick kid (Freddie had a high fever)

Someone at work said "you are going with your kids, this isn't a vacation, it's a trip" and I totally agree! Although it was fabulous, it definitely wasn't relaxing :) Plus Steve and I were exhausted most the time....

Night #1 Henry's water bottle leaked all over his bed so he couldn't sleep in there but he didn't want to sleep on the couch alone, so I spent two hours in the middle of the night sharing a couch with him

Night #2 Freddie was coughing and sick so we had him sleep in our room, his coughing kept us up most the night

Night #3 There was some loud noise that woke us up several times per hour (not sure if it was the neighbors party, the wind, or something else)

Night #4 In the hotel in Denver the fire alarm went off at 2am so we had to grab the kids and take the emergency exit OUTSIDE and around the hotel - only to find out that a water main broke and got the fire alarm wet which set it off! The boys were pretty excited to see a real fire truck and fire fighters in action though!

Freddie's 1st and Henry's 3rd plane ride 
(although Henry was 3 months and 16 months for his first two so doesn't remember them)

I was pretty nervous with how they would do on the plane but they were pretty ambivalent to the whole thing... they just watched a movie and were happy as could be!

I thought Freddie looked so cute with his baby/hoarse, backpack, and giant headphones
He really don't like loud noises so the noise-cancelling headphones were a big help (Thanks NaPs!)

We stopped to stock up on food/supplies and there was a bridge in the parking lot! Very exciting!

With time changes and excitement the kids were up at 5:30am! One upside - I got to see the sunrise!

We stayed at a house in Silverthorne and skied at Loveland Ski Area. It's apparently a "small" mountain but for some first timers from MN like us it was perfect!

The high elevation got to us... (hehe)

Justin and Shannon at the top!

I really enjoyed the ski lifts, just sitting and chatting with my honey :)
(notice they labeled out skis!)

If you look close you can see Justin and Steve about to head down our favorite run "Keno"

I wanted a picture of just starting down the mountain because it's crazy that all of a sudden they just drop off and are gone! This is the best I got...

Half way through our second day of skiing we got a call from Childcare that Freddie was too sick to stay. Steve volunteered to take him back to the house so I could keep skiing - and then I got to ride the chairlift by myself! It was so quiet and peaceful! (I took a chairlift selfie but was SO scared I would drop my phone and never find it!)

I took this one for Steve, Switchback is his favorite beer from Vermont, ironically this was the first run we did after he went in to take care of his sick kiddo

I stopped early to check in on Henry in ski school. At first he really didn't like it! There were tears and we were afraid he wouldn't stick it out but then they switched him to a lower level class and he THRIVED! He LOVED it! He didn't want to leave and for a week after we got home he didn't want to go to regular school he wanted to go to ski school!

They had a "magic carpet" that was in a tube to get to the top of the hill! That was also VERY exciting!

The black is just like a belt that moves you up (like the checkout line at a grocery store) The teachers were so great they would have the kids doing dance moves and "the wave" while they went up!

It was VERY windy so the sound isn't great but look at him go!

Of course there was some falling down too :) He even ran right in to the orange safety fence one time (just like his mama and aunt years ago!) but he loves telling the story that he "hit the fence but I just got up and tried it again!"

Once ski school was done Henry and I had some special time skiing together! (then of course we got to the top of the hill and he told me he had to pee!!)

(look at those matching crocked smiles!)

We finally got back to the house and Freddie did NOT look good :(

Saturday we left Silverthorne and headed towards Denver... with a quick stop by the Coors Brewery :)

They gave you free beer and soda at the end of the free tour!!
(funny story, we tried to spoil the kids and give them root beer but they REFUSED to try it!)

The gift shop was fun too!

These are actually beer holders but whatever...

This little cutie was feeling much better (thank you Ibuprofen! I had been giving him Tylenol but not seeing any affect so Shannon suggested we stop to get Ibuprofen and it worked like a charm!)

Then we headed to our hotel for more shenanigans! Bed jumping and the swimming pool!

Typical dad...

We put the kids to bed and then played cards in the hallway until they fell asleep! Parent life.

They finally fell asleep :)

They were "hiding" so they didn't have to help pack

So all in all we had a great trip and feel lucky to have such great friends to share it with!!

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Apparently instead of weekly posts I can only do monthly posts now (come on! I have THREE jobs! Give me a break!)

February was much better than January. The big news was that we took a family ski trip to Colorado but that will need to be a separate post (too many pictures!)

Other big news was that Izzy had surgery to get her melanoma removed. We got the results back and they got it all so no further treatment is needed!!! Yay!

Here are some other things we have been up to....

Henry's first science fair! 
He was SO excited! The theme was electricity so he was SUPER excited to do a project with Pops (the retired electrician). Of course Pops was willing to do whatever he wanted but Henry wanted to keep it simple "so I can explain it myself" and Henry did most of the work all on his own! He decided to show how a light bulb works, so they had some wires going to a light bulb and when Henry attached the wires to a 9V battery the light lit up. Pops offered to make a switch or something but this was how Henry wanted it!! Then Steve was in charge of helping with the poster and Henry wanted to do it all himself again! Steve told him how to spell what he wanted to write but he did it all on his own! He was very proud of himself and we were very proud too!

Of course he set up right next to Elisa McCutcheon!

I woke up one morning and found this... Henry had already gotten himself dressed for school and they were nicely (and quietly) playing a game together!! It's the little things...

We had quite a bit of snow this month! It was as high as the mailbox, so obviously this happened

Some sad February news is that the Patriots lost the SuperBowl. Obviously Steve was a crabby McCraberson (my name for him when he gets crabby) but this year Henry got in to the game too! We made him go to bed at half time but then he came down a while later and said "I can hear Dad yelling I knew something was going on in the game and I just couldn't sleep not knowing what was happening to the Patriots!" He was pretty upset when they lost too....

We ordered ski goggles for our trip... I sent these to Steve to inform him of their arrival :)

Freddie sleeping COVERED in stuffed animals

Henry had a celebration at school for the 100th day of class. He had to find 100 of something to bring in, he chose M&M's

The boys were also very excited about Valentine's Day. Added bonus, Meme sent them cards and presents! Thank you Meme! They are still shooting me with rainbow colored balls from a unicorns mouth! (sounds like I made that up... but I didn't!)

They insisted on opening them first thing when they woke up!

My Valentine from Henry...
"Mom Kate, Wrote by Henry, I love my mom"

Izzy after surgery (we chose to put her in one of Steve's old shirts instead of wearing a cone... HEHE!

My sister gave us her boys old bunk beds years ago but we didn't get the bottom bunk (didn't need it at the time because Freddie was still in a crib) Well we finally got it, so the boys had a god time making a fort out of the old bed! They even slept in the fort the night before we got the new bed!

Henry hung a bunch of cotton balls from the top to make "clouds" for their sleep out

Steve bought Henry some early reader books. There is one Lego one that Henry can read all on his own now. This was the first time Henry has ever read Freddie a book! I was just walking by and saw this!! Again, it's the little things :)

Sleeping in "the fort"

Freddie giving his new bed a hug because "I just love it so much!"

And you can jump on it...

and swing from it!

More silly sleeping...

We took the boys to The Works Museum (an engineering focused museum) again and they still love it!

Henry made a castle with a new friend

Freddie made one too!

Hahahaha! The dogs LITERALLY ate Henry's homework!

At the end of one of my classes I said "okay, see you next week, Party On" and my students (who are all in their early 20's) didn't get the reference! So the next week I showed them clips from Wayne's World... because it is important to teach them real stuff that they need to know to be successful in their futures

I was asked to speak at a press conference with Senator Klobuchar. She helped pass a bill that makes it easier for people to get Speech Generating Devices (the things I spend my day trying to get for people - and then teaching them how to use). Of course when I heard they wanted me to speak to the media I kinda freaked out!!! I called Steve in a complete panic! I have three jobs and two kids and now I'm suppose to be composed enough (on a Sunday afternoon no less!) to speak to the media and have a conversation with a U.S. Senator! This was his reaction... which is why I love him so...

P.S. My speech didn't make the news (thank goodness!) and everything went very well! Here is the news clip

I told the boys we needed to take a bath but I didn't think they were listening (typical) then I walked in my room and saw Freddie, sitting buck naked in the recliner... apparently he was listening and ready to bathe!

Nightly bedtime dance parties continue....