For Our Boys

Monday, December 4, 2017

Freddie's 4th birthday

My baby turned 4!!!!!!!!

It's hard to believe Freddie turned 4 a few weeks ago but he is not going to let us forget it (I have heard several times "It's okay Mommy, I'm 4 now" and apparently he thinks he can take on the world... but still not the toilet!! Argh!)

We celebrated much like we did for Henry's last spring. Party just us at home at Friday night, then friends party on Saturday, and a party with my family at my parents on Sunday. We did hit a few hiccups, unfortunately... 

Freddie really wanted to go to Eagle's Nest indoor playground with his friends but his birthday was actually the first day they were open after being closed for awhile for renovations, so his birthday was the Grand Opening and it was CRAZY!! We played for awhile but even the kids agreed it was too loud and too many people so we decided to have everyone come back to our house to play, which worked out great!

Sunday we had plans to celebrate at my parents but my mom was sick so we postponed and had some special time playing at home with all his new toys and going to the mall.

Friday night "Cookie Mountain"

singing happy birthday

Henry reading his "card"

Eagle's Nest

This really doesn't demonstrate really how busy it was!

Back to our house!

12 kids in our little play room!

Sunday at the Rosedale Mall (including the play area and a giant Christmas ornament!

Singing and dancing to Row Row Row your Boat

Haha! Look at Henry's face!!

Other craziness from the last few weeks

Playing with James and Annika at my monthly Early Childhood Advisory Council meeting

We also celebrated Henry turning 5 AND A HALF on 11/12/17 with his favorite, the brunch buffet at Chianti Grill!

And we did some laundry...

A lot of counting...

And of course, shopping at Home Depot...

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Halloween, a week without Steve, then a weekend without the boys

I'm trying to play catch-up so forgive me if I miss some details

A few weeks ago was Halloween. Steve's little sister Kirsten turned 30 so Steve, his brother Adam, and Kirsten all met in Las Vegas to celebrate! Unfortunately that meant that Steve missed Halloween with the boys but we had a great time! (and Steve had a fabulous time in Vegas!) Steve then went from Vegas to Nashville for a work retreat, so I single parent-ed all week - yikes!

SWAT and The Flash trying on their costumes

Serious sweetness

And some seriously sweet moves

Steve left on Saturday morning so the boys and I had lots of special time

Playing outside in the first snowfall (it's since melted and has not returned! yay!)

After playing outside I spoiled them with hot chocolate and they "stole" daddy's dipping cookie and insisted I take a picture to send to him :)

Saturday night Shannon McCutcheon and I took the kids to Como Zoo's "ZooBoo" 
(Justin was also out of town)

St Paul was a little safer with SWAT, Supergirl, The Flash, and Batgirl helping fight crime :)

Dance Party

Sunday I took the boys to The Works Museum

Racing the cars they built

Kid's eat free and happy hour margaritas at a local Mexican restaurant... sounds perfect!

Things got a little crazy after those margaritas

Freddie shaking his booty too!

Tuesday was the big night! HALLOWEEN! The boys and I braved the cold and trick-or-treated for over an hour and then rushed home to hand out some candy as well (they were equally as excited to pass it out!) An added bonus was that our neighbor Val came with us so I had someone to chat with!

I didn't get a good picture but the Roseville Police were driving around handing out candy. They stopped to give the boys some candy and as soon as they noticed Freddie's costume they opened the trunk and took out THEIR swat gear to show him! Freddie was pretty excited! (and yes, Roseville does indeed have a SWAT team! I doubt they are very active!)

Assessing their loot
We are still eating it!

Friday morning I went to Nashville to meet Steve. I missed my 10:30am flight (I thought since I wasn't checking a bag and didn't have any kids I'd be fine! But the line at security was not forgiving!) so I spent 4 hours of quality alone time in the airport and then made it on stand-by for the next flight.

It was so nice to be away!! Steve and I always say if it weren't for our regular trips away from the boys we probably wouldn't still be together! We love those boys but it's easy to forget how much we love each other when we are "in the thick of it" with life, kids, work, etc. We really are lucky :)

Friday night in Nashville! Boots, jean jacket, BBQ and beer!
(The best pic I could get of my cute outfit!)

This was in the ladies room! haha!

They still make these???

Karaoke Bar was our favorite!

My boots, Steve's sneakers

We spent the rest of the weekend exploring Nashville. We went to a Vanderbilt football game, listened to a lot of live music, and ate a ton!!!